A new view

Check this out. Scenario 1 A father son relationship where the father is always finding faults, telling his kid he isn’t good enough, forcing him to live a good life style and always hammering on the fact that he has to be good. Scenario 2 A father son relationship where the emphasis is on love […]

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Just say sorry

Have you ever used the phrase “and you could not even say sorry” or “they did not even apologize” or “they did not show remorse” ??.. Well if you are like me you probably do not feel the need to use such phrases in attempt to get to   someone to  apologize, unless you are […]

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History of Tradition

How many twins have you murdered How many scares have you inflicted on child bearing mothers. How many faces have you disfigured, Many are the crimes you VOMIT with self-seeking vigor. How many wives have you accused of killing their husbands, you make her drink of corpse water with her own hands. How many brothers […]

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Jousting with the Flesh

Galatians 5:16-26 (a must read of believers)  – this passage talks about the different characteristics of the things of the flesh and the things of the spirit. Our Minds have always been a battle ground between the flesh and the spirit. Not understanding the cause of the battle makes us powerless. We blame it on […]

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Confessions of an Orthodoxy

Some time last year. I made a switch from ‘going’ to a catholic church to ‘worshiping’ in Pentecostal church.. see what I did there ?? with the ‘going’ and ‘worshiping’ ?? For me this switch was a much needed change, looking back now I can see that my life was in dire need of a […]

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