You Make Me Feel

She is on unceasingly present my mind in every season

She is in every thought, every dream, and every imagination

I try to linger longer but it feels like nature makes each second shorter

I want to still my thoughts so I can steal hers just for a moment

Does she feel me as I feel her?

As I endeavour to fill in the blanks in an attempt to bridge the fragments of my core

It suddenly hits me

I have not felt the way I feel since the last time my heart was filled

And this returned feeling of fullness is leaving me full of affection

Affections I have always felt because of the physical magnetism

However, this new affection is more to do with my fascination of her person

I can’t help the way I feel nor do I want too

I just want you to feel me as I feel you

So that I can fill you with the fullness of warmth and care

All these feelings you make me feel.

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