5 Reasons Why SEO is Important to Ecommerce Success



SEO or search engine optimization is a way to optimize content on a web page so that search engines easily discover that page.


This is critical to any business success, especially online businesses with ecommerce stores.


Here are 5 reasons why:


  1. Targeted traffic to website


The easier a webpage can be discovered on the Internet, the more web visitors it will attract. If SEO is done effectively  it will bring  targeted visitors to websites using search queries and keywords (that site visitors type into search engines like Google, Bing and Ask) to optimize pages on the ecommerce store so these pages (with products) come up when they are searched.


  1. Longevity


An ecommerce business will want to be profitable in long term and with SEO this is a possibility. If pages are optimized properly they will continuously come up when potential customers search with keywords related to products in the online store as long as the Internet is around and the Internet is not going anywhere. The internet offers an increasing flow of people looking to shop online, with an efficient SEO strategy these people get attracted to your webpage/website and may become customers.


  1. Brand Awareness


If a robust SEO strategy is used effectively to form the basis of search queries or keywords related to products in an online store, relevant pages containing content on what the web visitor has searched for will come up. This means that web visitors/searchers will continuously see and be exposed to the ecommerce store when they search using keywords that are tied to the ecommerce site’s products helping to promote brand awareness of the ecommerce store.


  1. Social Proof


The more web visitors are exposed to the brand of the ecommerce store due to SEO (if done effectively) then the more confidence and trust they will gain which will inevitably turn website visitors to customers. If their shopping experience is great and the product they receive is great this could in turn lead to referrals to their friends and family.



  1. Helping Paid Traffic


Using tracking mechanisms website visitors that turn into customers can be used to make paid marketing campaigns more effective, because what has proven to lead to a sale from SEO (such as search queries and keywords)  could be used to target potential customers using paid advertising with more potential for success.


In Conclusion, SEO is a very powerful tool for ecommerce stores and its power is only going to increase exponentially (based on Kelly’s laws of the Network Economy) as the years go by and more and more people will embrace internet shopping. George Gilder, forecasts that for the foreseeable future, the total bandwidth of communication systems will triple every 12 months, this means more web visitors which means more potential site visitors which means more potential customers. Perhaps the best value proposition of SEO is that it is free.

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