Confessions of an Orthodoxy

Some time last year. I made a switch from ‘going’ to a catholic church to ‘worshiping’ in Pentecostal church.. see what I did there ?? with the ‘going’ and ‘worshiping’ ??

For me this switch was a much needed change, looking back now I can see that my life was in dire need of a closer relationship with God, one that I could not seem to find in traditional Orthodox churches.

Disclaimer:: I am in no way or form saying that orthodox services do not foster a relationship with God for anyone. I am just implying that it was not for me.. I could talk about why it was not for me, but that is a topic for a later..

What I am sharing today tho is one of the notes I wrote during my first few weeks worshiping in a bible studying church.. as you will observe I had a few complaints but the message that was preached that day was really life changing (for me at least).

In conclusion “Religion is flawed because man is flawed” (yeah Got that one from Da Vinci Code) my advise to anyone is to find a place for ‘yourself’ where you have the fewest and most irrelevant things to complain about based on ‘YOUR PERSONAL STUDY OF THE BIBLE”


Today’s message (The Great)

We constantly wrestle with flesh and spirit, i.e. the battling with the things of this world such as immorality and corruption, for instance nowadays the more immoral we dress the cooler we are, the more corrupt we are the shaper and smarter we appear.

The world is deviating from Gods perfect system and because of this the people have a distorted view of God because of what we see in the world (ideally people judge a creator by his creation and what he created)

God’s perfect system is creative and intelligent

We must all remember that Gods creation is beyond what we can see, that is to say that the core of this world is beyond what we can see and we all need to open our spiritual eyes to see the bigger picture. We need to get to a relationship with God where we believe in him and his rules not because it is a law in the bible, but because we understand what God is trying to say and why. We need to act in a behaviour and manner that leaves a legacy for Gods Kingdom

Genesis 1:26: this talks about God creating man in his own image.

Now ask yourself this, why did God decide to create us in his image?

In South Africa, there are statues created in the image of Mandela right? What is the purpose of these statues? Is it to remind us of what he looked like? NO! When people look at his statue created in Mandela’s image they are reminded of what he stood for, what he represented. The statue or image represents what Mandela stood for.

Seeing as we are created in Gods image, we should also represent what he stood/stands for and this is why Jesus came – to restore/reinstall that image in us. Jesus came to do the will of God

Christianity is not about waiting for rapture, it’s about showing Gods Image and Jesus has come to assist us in showing this image

Eternal life is not just life after death, the eternal life Jesus brought for us is what keeps us going, when everyone else is conforming to society, it’s what makes us stand out, it’s what leads us to greatness, it’s that life that represents Gods image, and this what Jesus came to give us – God’s image and likeness, a likeness that speaks of confidence, that speaks of positivity that gives you the will to invest in the kingdom through service. John 5:25 talks about the likeness given to us. This image and likeness is a gift given to us by God

2nd Timothy 1: 6:7. This is where Paul is addressing timothy (a younger disciple) telling him to use his gift (gift of Gods image and likeness)

We must learn to open this gift and steer it up, we must learn to engage this gift, and we can only do so through faith. Faith is the key to open this gift, it should let you see your part in Gods perfect plan for his kingdom.

The big picture is Gods perfect plan, and you can only work out this plan because you have these gifts and because you have Jesus.




The Good

Choir was good as usual, but I especially loved their Halleluiah performance amazing stuff really reminded me of the  catholic cathedral in Liverpool.


The not so Good

I’ll start this with a Good, thanks again for the bible you gave me, reading the gospels has opened my eyes to a better understanding of Jesus and his ways and I do not think they agree with the following


  • The choir lead screamed a lot today, was really distracting for me (and I imagine a few others) especially as I was trying to worship and it kept messing with my Zen. Guess some will say she was in the spirit. Not sure about that one. The spirit of God is not distracting.
  • A lot of emphasis on contributions – I believe they were talking about a marriage dinner or something, but they went on about it and about the price, reminded me of the people who Jesus chased out of the temple for selling stuff.
  • There was a baby dedication, kinda felt like an award show with all the loud “WOOOOO ing” pretty sure (from what I have read so far) Jesus was not a wooing guy


So that’s my interpretation of today at ****************.



2 thoughts on “Confessions of an Orthodoxy

  1. Ceez, its very beautiful to personally have an encounter with God\Holyghost!! As you walk with God, earnestly seek God for wisdom , understanding of His word and accurate discernment of events around you. See!! The world are earnestly waiting for the manifestation of the Sons of God! Kingdom of God is here! You have been translated to the kingdom of His SON! Kingdom of Light is your dwelling now! Let the light in you outshine every darkness in your world,,, we are all needed now that its day! When the bones and joints are responding to our commands!But also know that in every choir setting, we have “the“ “singer“ and the“ minister“. Remember again that the Lord told us that we shld always make a joyful noise unto Him…. The choir will always minister to the brethren in songs! Rejoice when they do this cos its pleasing unto God… Praise and worship will never be a silent moment!!! Again you are doing a gr8 job ceez! Keep it up.


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