History of Tradition

How many twins have you murdered

How many scares have you inflicted on child bearing mothers.

How many faces have you disfigured,

Many are the crimes you VOMIT with self-seeking vigor.

How many wives have you accused of killing their husbands, you make her drink of corpse water with her own hands.

How many brothers In law have you turned husbands and fathers in law who in turn, turn wife, mother and children abusers in law off course.

How much diseases have you spread, with pride and ignorance the butter for your bread.

How many first borns have you killed with the weight of burying their fathers, you are worse than the Egyptian plague and all the first born blood that it spilled.

How much love have you turned to hate, with the poison that is your prejudice you even tells us who to mate

How many potential homes have you broken in the name of family and lineage, using sentiments to trap us in a mental cage.

Why do you want to affect the tomorrow with the limited ways of yesterday, don’t you know the future is an adventurous drama with a bright new cast. there is no room for gloom please remain in the past

Tradition Tradition! What is new with you

Tradition Tradition what is good in you


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