Jousting with the Flesh

Galatians 5:16-26 (a must read of believers)  – this passage talks about the different characteristics of the things of the flesh and the things of the spirit.

Our Minds have always been a battle ground between the flesh and the spirit. Not understanding the cause of the battle makes us powerless. We blame it on things like, survival of the fittest and other pride driven motives, but in actuality it is our weakness that is to blame and the only way to overcome this weakness is to live in the spirit. Rather than display the characteristic of the flesh we must strive to display that of the spirit. This battle between flesh and spirit is constant throughout out life and we must learn to live in the victory of Christ that is the only way to overcome.

God has given us his spirit as a means to fulfil our destiny and by doing so fulfil his grand plan. Christianity is more than just accepting Christ, if that was the case we would be raptured up once we believe and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Christianity is God given mission for each one of us to try and bring God’s Will to earth. In the Lord’s Prayer we say “Your Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven” I imagine every being in Heaven functions with the mandate of the spirit as their Mode of operation.. God wants to use us as vessels on earth to bring His Will to pass, this is why he gives us the Holy Spirit and says we must strive to operate with the characteristics of the spirit, We need a sense of mission to be able to pull from the power of God and function within the features of the spirit so that God’s Will can be done on earth as it is in heaven.

There is more to the flesh than fornication, adultery drunkenness and abstaining from these does not mean you are living in the spirit. Living in the spirit speaks on what you say, how you think and how you behave… Some people do not drink or fornicate yet they can kill with their words.

The dimension of living in the spirit should radiate the light of God..

Matthew 5 has Jesus take on living in the spirit.. It is a passage we should all read to encourage and give us strength.

We have this thing we do as humans where we let out external circumstance control our inner person.. Don’t carry the burden of the external into your spirit..

We have a false need to be in complete control of our circumstances and this can be damaging to your faith in God as well as your operating with the spirit characteristics

In psychology there is a concept of the SCARF model that has a very serious potential makes us yield to the flesh and abandon the spiritual mode of operation

S- Status.. We want to be treated with respect and our brain tries to defend us when we notice a breach in our status.. This really speaks to the pride in each and every one of us.  We say things like ” do you know who I am” or we get offended when they don’t call us to the high table or perhaps they don’t put the DR or Professor Title in your name.. If you think about it critically this is really petty and self-satisfying and it does not give glory to God.


C- Certainty.. We want to be able to predict the future. We want to have complete control over every situation in our life and sometimes the lives of others.. We want to be sure/certain we will have enough money for tomorrow, we want to be sure we will win the contract. In order to achieve this certainty we do certain things that most likely will not give God glory.. Certainty speaks to our need to completely  control every single circumstance in our life.. It downplays the role of faith and trust in God


A-autonomy…. We want to be completely free and in control to live as we please, not having to answer or give account to anyone including God.. We want to freely satisfy the wants of the flesh and as a result we end up indulging  in ungodly acts .. Christ died and has given us the power to be free from Sin. That is the only freedom we should indulge in


R- Relatedness… We want to be able to relate with others.. This feeds peer pressure .. We want to be in with the cool kids, cool people, trendy people  etc.. And sometimes we do this at the expense of our relationship with God.. We start to think say and act in accordance with the flesh so as to fit in. We should only really bother about being cool with God, in doing that you attract the people whom you should really be bothered to relate or be ‘cool’ with


F-fairness.. We all want to be treated fairly.. And when we don’t get this type of treatment we get angry, start complaining and potentially birth other ungodly or flesh satisfying traits.. We are always the victims.. We must choose to operate in Victor mode rather than victim mode..


The SCARF model in itself is not bad.. It is bad when it feeds the flesh… We must use the SCARF model to feed the spirit


S.. Status- be aware of your Status in God.. You were created in his imagine and likeness.. Bible says God blew breath into our nostrils.. You carry the breath of God. You carry Jesus.. Cos if you think about it Jesus is the word of God made flesh Words are formed out of the vibrations as a result of the air that comes out of our mouth.. So if God blew breath into our nostrils it means we carry Christ in us. That’s a huge STATUS.. Greater than any degree or chief title on earth


C.. Certainty.. Our certainty should be Christ and his word.. We must have faith and trust in our creator.. He created us with a purpose and wants  what’s best for us


A.. Autonomy.. We are free from sin in Christ Jesus.. We have access to freely call on God for forgiveness.. We are free in Christ


R… Relatedness.. We have a direct relationship with God through Christ.. He wants to walk with you


F.. Fairness…because we have victory in Christ everything that can be done to us will not seem unfair.. Because it is actually a privilege to suffer for Christ like he suffered for you.


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