Just say sorry

Have you ever used the phrase “and you could not even say sorry” or “they did not even apologize” or “they did not show remorse” ??.. Well if you are like me you probably do not feel the need to use such phrases in attempt to get to   someone to  apologize, unless you are ultra violently pissed off   (quite frankly you should not have to remind the people who matter to you to say sorry) . that being said, the fact that you have not used such phrases does not spare you from the burden of the phrases running around in your mind, and as they do so they begin to gather momentum and grow into much more stronger thoughts which could eventually be manifested in unpleasant ways either to the offender or an innocent by stander  .

So here is a question for you, when such thoughts of “they could not say sorry arise” how does that make you feel ? does it worsen the scare, does it make you a bit more frustrated at the offender, does it slowly but surely begin to shape an image or opinion in your head about the person who did the offending, does it affect the way you relate to other people, does it ruin your day?.

Life in a series of interconnecting events and everyone of us is subject to a ripple effect of actions and reactions and as a result we owe it to ourselves to look after ourselves.. when  you offend someone (and we all will) knowingly or unknowingly, it is the humane thing to apologize. The offended also owes it to the offender to let them know they are offended because it may not be apparent.  (we all have difference emotional intelligence levels)

Now if you are the person doing the offending and you are very well aware that you upset someone.. there are a few reasons why you may not want to be apologetic, but there all stern from a negative canister of pride.

“your taking it to serious’  “why are you being so touchy” “I was joking”  ” I did not know you would be offended” ” Relax” etc

These are all comments or thoughts that we may find ourselves saying/thinking when we are feeling too proud to apologize.

JUST SAY SORRY, its actually not that difficult and it does some good to the person who is upset, you do not have to be comfortable about saying it, in fact it will be really difficult for you at first but as you keep doing it, you will keep getting better and slowly begin to tap into the therapeutic feeling that saying sorry brings for both parties i.e. the offender and the offended. saying sorry does not mean you are weak, it means you are strong… You know the saying “nothing good comes easy” ?  if saying sorry is not easy doesn’t that mean it is good ?.

It is especially important to apologize when you do understand why the person is upset.. so before you blurt out ” I do not understand why you are upset” Apologize first..  “Seek to understand before seeking to be understood”

If Jesus can die for all our sins (past, present and future) then surely you can say sorry to someone who is upset as a result of your actions…

So say sorry quickly before its too late.. AY AY ..  -lol I could not resist, I’m sorry-




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