A new view

Check this out.
Scenario 1 A father son relationship where the father is always finding faults, telling his kid he isn’t good enough, forcing him to live a good life style and always hammering on the fact that he has to be good.
Scenario 2 A father son relationship where the emphasis is on love and despite the faults in the kid, the father constantly tells him he is there for him no matter what the father tells him he can be good despite his shortcomings, the father always places emphasis on the belief of his son to be good.

What do you reckon the outcome will be..
In my option, the kid from scenario one will make changes outwardly, why ? Well because he wants to impress his father, most of the time these changes are often fake because once the father is no longer around the kid goes back to his old ways.
The kid from scenario two on the other hand may take a longer time to change, but if the love is constant from his father, one day it will overwhelm him and it will cause an inward change that would last longer, this change will not be because of his father’s presence but because of the kids desire to be better.

This is exactly what God wants from his people.. Let us focus on spreading the word of the grace of God as a result of Jesus.. We have focused on spreading judgement and condemna-tion, this approach obviously isn’t working. It takes the grace of God to change for good and not your effort.. Focus on grace and let’s see how that works.. Judgmental preaching gets us nowhere.
Ps: don’t forget to get your daily Manna ( the word of God) faith comes from feeding on this manna but in order to tap into this faith we need LOVE. We need to be aware that God loves us regardless of what we do.. The bible says nothing can ever separate us from the love of God, absolutely nothing.. When we become aware of this love then we have no other choice but to have faith and believe in a God who loves us and wants what is best for us.. It’s a no brainer really.

For my non church going folks, there is nothing wrong with you.. You are blessed and I am sure you have your reason.. Most churches actually make you not want to go to church..
Believe that your Heavenly Father loves you regardless. Study his word that is the bible.
God bless y’all.


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