God’s Well of Intimacy and Revelation

God is like a well, a well whose source is a powerful endless flowing river.

Typically a well has different levels demarcated by the different soil layers (top soil, sub soil, waterbed etc.).. Just like physical wells have different layers so does the spiritual well that God is calling us to drink from. The depth which you lower your vessel to fetch determines the nature of what you draw up. The first layer which is the surface represents salvation, i.e. Gods plan for mankind, we all have easy access to this first layer just by acknowledging and accepting Jesus Christ and his death on the cross giving us victory over sin by his blood.

Underneath this surface layer is another layer which represents the baptism of the Holy Spirit…. and after this second layer there are many and more varying degrees of revelation where Gods mysteries and wisdom is abundant.

To get to these deeper layers we have to pay the price in the form of investing our time and patiently waiting for Gods truth to be drawn up (via his word). God invites us to draw and drink from the depths, he wants up to draw the truth for ourselves and not be satisfied with just the surface layer of salvation.. Salvation is key but we must draw deeper after we reach that salvation layer. The truth is we can actually just stop at the salvation layer and rely/drink the deeper revelations from the cups of others who have invested the time and patience to get to the deeper waters (because we are too ‘busy’ to do so ourselves), but then you will never know the joy of drawing the water of revelation directly from Gods heart deep within the well. Why ignore such a resource ? Eph 3:18-19 talks about reaching out and experiencing the fullness of God, experience it’s breath, tests it’s length, plumb the depths, live full lives in the fullness of God. The deeper you go, you realize you have no desire to  return to the surface.. Don’t just take from the surface to quench your immediate thirst, draw deeper!

We must labour patiently at the well it is a wonderful place of intimacy with God, there are many blessings for those who draw from the depths of his well..

How do you draw deeper ?

God’s word is like a rope that lowers you deeper and deeper. satan tries to keep us from using Gods word in accessing the depths of His life giving well, satan does this by filling our mind with worldly words/voices that stops you from being able to hear God, but the eyes and ears of a ‘true’ servant are attentive to his/her masters every word and move, they are trained to recognize and respond to their masters needs and wishes, a servant does not hesitate to obey because his heart is right.

We must have the heart of a servant. A true servant recognizes his master’s voice. God’s voice is clearly discerned by his sheep.. If you develop this acute sense of hearing you will discern Gods word in purity and regard the other words or voices as chaff.

So Brethren Relax and be led by the spirit, God’s spirit is easily quenched and does not impose himself on you, only the yielded individual will hear and discern his voice, it is a calming whisper with peace and direction for our lives, we must tune our ears towards Him and listen with our heart and mind focused on Him.. This is the path to true intimacy with God

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