Some thoughts on spiritual warfare

Warfare- this is a tricky subject that needs to be approached with wisdom ….. Ok, so the idea of warfare is to battle, but who de we battle against, the bible tells us that we battle not against flesh but against powers and principalities, this suggests that our enemy is never a human being our enemy is never a person like you and me. If anyone has ever told you that some in your family or work is not making you to prosper or progress you need to understand that type of message is not from a point of view of Love. God’s word in the form of Jesus is all about Love. When you hear those types of messages you can’t help but start to feel a certain type of resentment towards that family member or friend or colleague at work, so you see, those types of teachings do not foster Gods Love in a person.

It takes the supernatural grace of God to hear those negative messages and still feel  love towards the person that is supposed to be hindering you progress.

We have established that those persons ‘hindering our progress’ are not at fault,  how do we go about it ?

Well, we show those persons Love and we battle for their soul in private, at least that’s how I ceeez it.

Go talk to that person, ask him why, most people do not choose this approach because they are scared, but the question is what are you scared of, did the scriptures not say that – no weapon fashioned against you shall prosper – I mean weapons will be fashioned but they will not prosper if you are in Christ.

So that’s my approach, show Love outwardly and battle inwardly.. That show of love outwardly doesn’t just show love to the person it also displays this love for the entire world to see. You will literally be displaying Gods image and functioning in your purpose, Imagine what non-believers will say/think when they see this show off outward love to someone who supposedly hates you .

How about battling inwardly what does that do for you and the person,  well for one you don’t publicly embarrass  the individual and yourself by aggressively approaching the person and this goes a long way as you do not want others  people’s perception of the individual to be damaged. ( It does happen, ask yourself this.. if you knew someone was formerly possessed wouldn’t you thread carefully with that person moving forward? .. it takes the grace of God not to and the truth is that majority of the public have not tapped into that grace yet )..

We really do not need to be loud or shout when we pray however I now totally understand why believers do it, I used to think it was for showmanship or to feed the attention seeking need of people ( this is still the case for some people). I now know that people have different spiritual levels/approaches.. If you read the bible, you will see that different followers had different approaches to praying or spreading the word. Jesus who is the Son and the Word of God never had to shout excessively, I mean he is the word no one can ever be as powerful as Christ, let’s look at John the Baptists approach he was loud with his approach, shouting about the coming of Christ, was John wrong ? Certainly not, let’s look at Peter and other disciples who worked with Christ, like Christ they were not excessively loud in their dealings of spreading the gospel and healing  the sick and demon inflicted. Were they wrong in their approach? Certainly not, Now look at Paul, who in my opinion is the greatest ambassador of the Gospel, he was loud in his style and he was certainly not wrong … so you see each to their own.. Just because someone casts out demons in a subtle and inward way does not make him less of a powerful man of God and just because  you are overly expressive in your own style doesn’t make you a more powerful Christian.. what is important really is faith in the word of God .. That is what heals. FAITH


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