No Guarantee’s

So, I am sat here about half an hour till COB and a lot of things have been crossing my mind.

You see I recently started this job and I am still in that initial phase of, Is this the right move for me career wise ?, I mean don’t get me wrong the pay is much better that my previous place of work and the best thing about this job is that I don’t pay a dime to get to the office.. I get up, take a shower dress up and then walk to work! For most people this is the ideal situation but I am stuck here wondering why do I have so much spare time to even think about writing a post for my blog.. Surely the work can’t be that challenging can it?. Well its either that or I am just a super-efficient. The thing with being super-efficient is that it gets super boring during the down times, think about it, what would superman do if he didn’t have Miss lane to occupy his spare time..

Anyways let me get right to the point of this post. I always wanted a better paying job that was close to where I lived, but now that I have got it, I want more, not more money or closer commute, I just want more.. This has emphasized two major facts for me about life in general. (1)  Man will always want more. I would like to go on record and coin this phenomena as the “Oliver’s Syndrome” (remember where you heard it first). (2) The second emphasized fact is that there are no Guarantees In in life, I mean I was under the impression that any job that ticked the boxes of better pay and proximity to my house would  be the best thing that could ever happen to me , don’t get me wrong I am super grateful to have this job and I thank God for it, not only for the chance to earn a living or extend my network base, but also for the lessons that I am learning, two of which have inspired me to write this post..  And if I ever won an Oscar for this post I want to go on record and thank XXXXXXX.  (Where I currently work) lol

Where is he going with this… I’ll be honest, I am really not sure,  but out of the hazy uncertainties that helped inspire this post, I see a shining image/ pattern /figure emerging. The image of the All mighty God, the Lord of the Angel armies, The God who sent His son to die for us, the master planner, the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End .

If you are believer you know that it does not get any ‘more’er’ or any ‘certain’er ‘ than God.

There is comfort in believing that you can never want more than God has, he has everything, and guess what, he wants to give it to you. He is the Only being that can cure man’s selfish desires of always wanting more.. You can have everything in this world, but if you don’t have Jesus, you won’t be completely satisfied  at the same time you can have nothing but Jesus and live  a fully satisfied life, the knowledge of that should act as some form of solace for people out there who feel left out or who feel they are missing something .. God operates in the realm of eternity, which is a super set of infinity and in that realm the concept of wanting more doesn’t exist.. I mean think about it, what is more than eternity or infinity, it doesn’t get any ‘more’est’ than that

With regards to the issue of certainty..  there is so much certainty in Christ, and all we need to do to tap into it is to have faith.. When we have faith that God wants what is best for us, the concept of man craved certainty becomes  obsolete.. Jesus Himself is a prime example of this sort of supernatural faith in his father.  He was sent to die for our sins.. with no certainty and no gurantees that we would believe in him, Think about that for a second. Jesus the Son of God had NO GUARANTEES that his mission would bear fruit, but that didn’t phase him. He still went on his mission because he had faith in Him who sent him, His faith was/is incomprehensible so much so that it shatters the whole concept of certainty and gives it a whole new definition, FAITH

So My fellow believers. Replace that need for certainty with Faith in your heavenly father, replace that ‘Oliver’s syndrome’ with  wanting more of God..

Whenever you find yourself in those compromising situation.. Randomly open one of the Gospels and feed from the father of faith, stay connected to the source.  God bless

Here is a little song I like.. that reminds me of how Jesus gave us the blueprint of acting in supernatural faith Mode


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