That Shirt

We all have that shirt! That shirt that we love so much, but is too difficult to iron.  I guess the implication of the word ‘difficult’ varies depending on the individual and his/her ironing expertise. The fact still remains; there is that shirt that is a tad bit trickier to iron in comparison to our other shirts.

We really have limited options when it comes to this particular piece of clothing. I mean we Love it so much that letting it go will never be an option, regardless of how frustrating the ironing process gets, deep down, we subconsciously love the idea of having to work so hard to get the shirt as crisp, sharp and as smooth as possible so when we step out we feel extremely confident in our appearance, both on the outside and on the inside because of the way this shirt emphasizes/ enhances/ expresses our finest features/qualities.

So how do you deal with the ironing process? Well we give it time, attention and we handle it with extreme care.  We wouldn’t want to accidentally burn it now would we?

Perhaps another approach would be to acknowledge that some days will be better ironing days than others, so go gentle with the press and heat on those days we wouldn’t want evidence of transferred aggression to become manifest on the shirt.

Finally, we also have to accept that the shirt isn’t going to look its best on you every time you wear it, you could add a couple of pounds, you could have bad armpit day, you could even lose a button on the shirt, these potential hazards should all aid in you accepting that your shirt will look better on you on some days and on the other days, well it will just be a shirt.

The thing to do on such bad shirt or bad ironing days is to remember the super human feeling this shirt gives you its apex days. So if you add a couple of pounds and become too big for the shirt to properly compliment your features, hit the gym, if you are going to have a bad armpit day, use some DEO, if you lose a button  take your time and sow it back on.

Accept your shirt for what it is. Be comfortable wearing it when it isn’t optimally ironed and revel in it when it is.  If you are one of those people who give their shirt to the laundry man, I have a question for you. Yes you look awesome in your shirt, but don’t you think you are missing out on the joy and satisfaction that comes from being conscious that your shirt is smooth, crisp, sharp and suits you perfectly because of the time and effort you spent ironing it.. You cannot by that sort of satisfaction.

Don’t be afraid to invest time, effort and energy in your shirt, that’s the only way to truly enjoy it, but most importantly never give up on the Shirt

By the way, if you still think I am talking about a shirt literally then you really need to go shirt shopping, well its either that or you really like shirts 🙂

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