A letter from John

No, not the John from the Bible, wouldn’t that be great though??

This is a letter from a good friend of mine who found Christ over 7 years before I did…
John and I were both really similar; we lived a hard-core party lifestyle like most university students. Perhaps our connection was strengthened along the lines of poetry. We both wrote/write rhymes… Anyways I’m not trying to make this a ‘how I met John post’

John has been a really encouraging fiend in my quest for intimacy with God… He remains the only one of my friends from my past life who is deep in the faith.. Don’t get me wrong, I still have friends from my past, but as the days go by I observe a noticeable gap that is beginning to widen with regards to my relationships with my old friends. 1 Peter 4:3-5 comes to mind, but that’s a post for another day.

The letter below is from Chijoke John Ojukwu giving me some advice on PURITY… It is loaded with God inspired wisdom… Read and be blessed…


Hello Brother, hope you are keeping well!! Just been reflecting on our last conversation and thought I Should share a pearl of God-given wisdom that is blessing me in my personal journey of PURITY.


There is power in prayer, especially genuine and honest prayer that comes from the heart. The question of purity is primarily an issue of Prayer. It is a relational issue that calls us to intimate prayer. See Psalms 19, Psalm 139, and Psalm 119….All these psalms wrestle with the question of purity by entering God’s presence with genuine prayer.


So how do we proceed in practice? Dearest brother seek solitude for the joy of communion with our Loving Father. Fight hard to create INTENTIONAL DATES with the Holy Spirit where He can cleanse your heart and make you pure. It is in intimacy that God touches the heart and liberates us from the power of lust, pride and un-forgiveness.


Learn to embrace the power of vulnerability and enter into God’s presence alone, knowing that you are Loved and wanted. Enter his presence with your heart fixed on the ones who Love you rather than your sins and sense of failure. Remember when Adam fell, God was still pursuing him and asked “ADAM, where are you?” He did not SAY Sinner, I CONDEMN YOU.


Recognizing that God loves you unconditionally will help you be honest in your prayer life. Then Pray like the Psalmist for him to give you a pure heart and the ability to Love a woman…One of the greatest lie that men believe is that they have the capacity to Love a woman. This is why we don’t pray before we make the phone call or go on a date: it is this lack of prayer that causes us to walk in spontaneous and often dangerous paths that endanger us and the ones we love…..It is God who Loves through us so we must always enter into His presence asking him to help us Love….Therefore learn to pray for your Beloved, asking God to teach you how to honour her..This is a call to intimacy with the Holy Spirit…..Remember the Holy Spirit knows the heart and can show you how to speak and act in a way that affirms the Beloved’ness of your Beloved……….


Finally, Psalms 19 also points to the mystery of purity: the word of God. Begin to prayerfully engage in Bible Study with the one you Love. This has to be undertaken with the humility to learn from God and one another. Please be aware that Bible study is not intended to massage the ego or to get some deep revelation about some divine mystery for the sake of piety. Instead, the WORD OF GOD is God’s gift to our hearts; it is intended to mould us into Christ and to teach us how to live in a way that honours God……


So I encourage you to prayerfully discern what God is saying about your relationship and find an accountability partner who can prayerfully assist you to embark on a journey of romance….but remember that LOVE remains a mystery that only God can fathom so rest in Him…
Here is a brilliant website that you might find useful
With Love


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