Godly Balance

The word ‘Balance’ is of French and Latin origin. When it was first coined, it was used in connection with scales and weights.  Basically it was used in reference to inanimate objects. Today we use the word balance in many ways ‘balanced diet’ ‘balance sheet’ ‘balanced life’…

The idea of balance is indicative of a point or state of equilibrium between one or more entities that are equal in mass or weight but opposite in direction or force…

Unfortunately we have been misled into using the concept of balance (something originally intended for inanimate objects) as a fundamental basis for our existence. It’s a bit strange considering humans are probably among the most animate creation of God.

So the question is this… As a believer, what is a balanced life to you? Is it equally being involved in the worldly and godly aspects of living? Knowing fully well that worldly living opposes godly living? You would have heard people say “you are being too deep with this God stuff” or my favourite “you will lose your social life and friends if you continue like this, you have to balance it out guy”. Previously when people made these types of comments, I would shrink back and think “hmmm am I over doing this?” Or “what of my social life “, it took grace to get me out of that stronghold and thought pattern… These thought patterns are a product of fear of exclusion which is what usually makes some believers not speak up or stand for their views. We were created to serve God and serve him to the fullest in our words, thoughts and deeds. In doing so you get the real ‘Balance’ that most people misunderstand to mean playing both fields (worldly and godly fields)… You can’t walk with God and walk in the world, to do so is to be out of ‘Balance’.

Salvation is for everyone all you have to do is believe in Jesus. But there is a difference between salvation and walking/working with God. To walk with Him is to have Him in every moment and in every thought… That is the type of balance we should all seek. This is tricky because we live in the world and one can easily get caught up in the web of worldly activities; however one can also prevent/remove themselves from plugging deeper into extremely webbed levels of this world, which is the first step to attaining real ‘balance’

God is perfect and in him is Godly and perfect ‘balance’

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