The Alcohol or the Believer

There are many vices that affect human kind and our spirit… I was victim to a few of them up until not so long ago.

The idea of alcohol is one that isn’t quite clear from a surface point of view. I mean Jesus turned water into wine right? So it must be ok to drink? Right?

There is also part of the scripture that says your body is not yours but it’s a temple and you should glorify it (Cor 6:19), so the question really is does alcohol glorify the body?
I Guess is it is down to personal interpretation.. If you are like me and are debating the issue internally the best place to start is to ask yourself why you drink.

These are some of the reasons that are common to humans for drinking..

  • Because I want to drink, I like the feeling (or self-gratification and selfishness)
  • Because my friends are drinking ( or pleasing others)
  • Because I am depressed (or relying on yourself and not God to cure your depression)
  • Because the bible says drink and be merry
  • Because I want to establish a bond with someone who drinks, drinking can be a common ground for both of us.
  • Because it’s a celebration
  • .

We infer that the bible says drinking is not bad getting drunk is. We kid ourselves sometimes and say “I know my limit”, the bible tells us that not everything good is benefiting 1Cor 10:23… The benefit that is being referred to here is benefit to the spirit of God that he has put in us. Now ask yourself, by drinking, regardless of the amount are you benefiting the spirit? Or your own fleshy desires to satisfy some of the reasons I mentioned above. Is your body in a spirit enabling mode when you drink? The answer is no. And the truth is for any reason you can come up with to drink, it all boils down to two root causes that are not from God, either pleasing friends (which is a form of idolatry if you ask me… Please God and not man) or pleasing yourself (which is a manifestation selfishness).
God can use anybody to spread his message… But ideally we should present him with an enabling body and mind so that his spirit can manifest in us. His spirit and not alcohol or weed or drugs, His Holy Spirit.. This explains why most pastors do not drink. (Well that and the fact that they don’t want to mislead their congregations)
The wages of sin is death.. And it is not a coincidence that drinking or smoking kills the body bit by bit.. Too much of anything isn’t good, but why indulge in anything that isn’t beneficial to your BODY and SPIRIT.

I am not passing judgement; I had my last couple of glasses of wine slightly over two months ago. I didn’t get drunk and I could tell that it wasn’t necessary at all.. Matter of fact, I gave in to peer pressure.. This happened because in my subconscious I allowed myself to think ‘yeah I don’t drink all the time but it’s not bad to drink sometimes’  when you allow that type of stronghold to form in your mind you are creating areas for the devil to penetrate, either in the form of peer pressure or self-gratification.. My stand has now changed. As a follower and believe of Christ my philosophy is this “Drinking is Bad”. Period!! Regardless of the amount or occasion or even the outcome (some say social drinking can get you in with high society circles, but why do you need them if you have God). I know this stand will bring a lot of persecution from “friends”, that’s great.. It’s a privilege to be able to stand up for my views in Christ. I mean it’s easy to be believer when it’s all good but being a believer in the midst of persecution is way cooler, it actually draws you closer to God, In the midst of that persecution you can actually look to God and he will supply you with the peace and grace to respond in Love…
I will conclude with some scripture. I hope this can help at least one person who reads it.. God bless y’all

Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body. (1 Corinthians 6:19-20 ESV)


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