Building in Chaos

It is necessary to be able to build in the midst of chaos.

Times of chaos are actually when we should take more action “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”

There is never a time when we can’t do something about our situation, Satan wants us to believe that we are helpless but this (like everything about the devil) is a lie.

We must be tuned towards action, faith is great but faith without action is dead. Fuel your faith with inspired action.

In Gen 26 there was a great famine (chaos) in the land, Isaac wanted to flee to Egypt where the grass was possibly greener, but God told him to stay where he was regardless of the chaos. (Gen 26:12) God is able to build in the midst of chaos and he wants us to stand firm and trust in his capability to build in the midst of trouble, by doing so we reveal the greatness of God. It is easy to flee when the going gets rough but God wants us to build in these times.

As a result of Isaac’s success there was a lot of envy and envious people covered up the wells his father had dug. Every time Isaac dug a well he had to leave it because there was a quarrel about ownership of the water, you can imagine how difficult it was to dig wells back then with limited machinery, yet each time he built there was chaos in the form of a dispute over the water, it’s funny how the dispute only came after Isaac had found water and not while the digging was taking place..

Each time there was a dispute he moved to another spot and started to dig again – despite the chaos, he continued to build- until finally he dug a well that no one contested with for.

If you keep building with The Lord, a time will come when your structure will stand-… Don’t allow what happened in the past affect your craftsmanship

——Some building tips——

  • Have a mind to work unshakeable in the trust in God
  • Carry others along in your building process
  • Set your hand to work. Desire is good but you must covert your desire to action and get your goal done
  • Be able to deal with criticism/false accusation… Don’t act in according to what people say, they are not the ones that called you to build. Sometimes even the people you want to help will say the worst about you, this is not a sign that you should stop, we must keep building
  • Be watchful and be prepared to defend your building
  • Offer continuous encouragement to your fellow builders
  • Be committed


The Best time to build is during chaos as there will be fewer people building… i.e. less competition

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