A Call to Work

We are called to work for God, right from the beginning; Adam was called to tend the garden.

For Gods message to be spread he has to use people who are ready to do his will.

Don’t be vulnerable to deception about your fate. Through faith we must strive to understand the context of our life within Gods plan, this is our first responsibility.

God worked (through his Word and Son Jesus Christ) to create the world. Being created in Gods image, we have also been called to work using Jesus as our guide.

We need Jesus in our lives In order for us to effectively fulfil the mandate given to us at creation which is to be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth, subdue it and govern it.

Col 1:6 tells us that the gospel message is supposed to bear fruit

Col 1:10.. Be fruitful and increase in the knowledge of God

Bible says greater works shall we do than what Jesus did.

We must be effective in our call to work and we can be effective only through the grace of Christ (the hope and glory) Here are some of the traits we must practice to be effective in our call to work-

  • Forgiveness
  • Self-sacrifice
  • Freedom from cultural accommodation
  • All the other characters Jesus displayed during his time on earth

May the light of The Son of God over take over our spirit that we may be empowered to do all things through Him.


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