The ‘Real’ Zeal by His Will

Keeping it real really depends on what being real means to you. As a Christians we are united by our belief which stern from the message Jesus came to spread, the truth… I am sure that if everyone on earth actually practiced his teachings, then this world would really be heavenly… The mere fact that people who we have elevated to demigod status actually practice(d) only some aspects of Jesus teachings that resulted in them living a great life is proof..

Take Nelson Mandela for instance, he took the principal of forgiveness and ran wild with it…his effect on this world may never be forgotten… Now imagine if we had a million Mandela’s or a million people who actively practice at least one of the teachings of Jesus… There is no doubt that we will notice superiority in standard of life in comparing to where we currently are…

The truth is that more harm has been and is being done in the name of Christianity/religion than good and this is the cause of the current chaos in the world. This has to change, the church has to change we ALL have to change. We all have to keep it real. It’s understandable if you do not know the truth and you act in ignorance, but if you know the truth and refuse to act on it.. You will be living a life full of burden and this is what is affecting us.. We know the truth but the flesh tells us it’s too hard and we don’t want to commit to that life style of truth because you are afraid of failing.  Have faith that God will uphold you and he will. By your efforts we will certainly fail, but by grace we will all succeed. Claim your grace with faith.

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