Peace through Faith

God has given us the gift of Faith, it is there for you to reach out and grab… The devil tries to steal, kill and destroy our faith with doubt… Faith is a gift doubt is a choice, since we can choose our thoughts we should be able to say no to doubt when it starts creep up in our mind.

Fear, doubt and disbelief will keep us from doing what God has called us to do, thus preventing us from finding peace in him…

Anxiety and worry are both attacks on the mind that are intended to distract us from seeking and serving God and doing his will.

Peace is a fruit of the spirit and just like any tree the fruit will grow as a result of abiding in the tree via the branches… Christ is our tree of peace our vine… Away from him we will fall off and become rotten with fear and worry… With him there is peace that’s comes from being connected to the source of your nutrient…

Worry is pretty much self-torment, why would anyone want to knowingly torment themselves? Especially as it never solves anything. This should suggest to you that worry is an attack from the enemy.  Don’t let anyone fool you and say worry is normal… As a believer worry is an abnormal state of mind to be in.. God intended the mind to be engaged in more productive activities and by making us worry, the devil is stealing our mind away from its purpose.

Mat 6:25-34 should be our creed whenever we feel a worrisome spirit lurking in our mind…

Worry will not help our course, it will hinder our progress… as it makes us scared stiff, preventing us from taking inspired action

Philippians 4:6 suggests that

The most effective weapon to deal with worry and anxiety is the word of God

Worry is the mind racing around trying to find a solution, cast your problems on The Lord.. Only he can solve them… If you think about it worrying is like being proud because you are thinking/attempting to solve your problem entirely on your own.

The proud man is full of himself the humble man is full of God… The proud man worries, the humble man waits on The Lord

Jesus did not come to remove all the storms in our life, but rather to give us a different approach to facing these storms. If you are waiting to have nothing to worry about before you stop worrying that time will not come

Jesus offers us peace in the midst of the storm… The kind of peace that peter had when he was walking on water to meet Christ in the midst of the storm Mat 14:24.. He tapped into this heavenly peace through faith by focusing on Jesus..

So brethren focus on The Lord, have faith and not worry!! In that scripture Peter took his eye away from Jesus and started noticing the storm, he began to sink because of a lack of faith as a result of his visual disconnection from Christ.. Jesus grabbed him and said “oh thou of little faith, why did you doubt”… As soon as they got into the ship the wind ceased.

We have the Holy Spirit with us.. Be of good cheer and don’t not be afraid Mat14:27.. By enjoying the peace Jesus left for us we give God glory!!

Stay connected to Christ… Regardless of the turbulent environment…don’t let the world and its worries affect your connection with your maker… His peace transcends any worldly turbulence… Stay connected!


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