Mankind is always quick to pass on responsibility; we have been doing so right from the very beginning of our existence. Adam said it was Eve that gave him the apple, Eve said it was snake that gave her the apple

Taking full accountability of our sin is the only way to true forgiveness…

Full accountability means not making excuses…  statements like “I am sorry but it was because of this or that” will not cut it. That is really just passing on the responsibility and it cheapens our confession… We must come whole heartedly to God for forgiveness, not passing or giving excuses… Person ‘A’ may have provoked person ‘B’, but person ‘B’ is responsible for his/her reaction. We must face this type of truth for the Holy Spirit to be able to function fully within us; The Holy Spirit is a spirit of truth not blames transferring

God is quick to forgive if we ‘truly’ repent, but we cannot truly repent if we do not acknowledge the truth of what we have done, accepting fully responsibility and ownership for our actions and reactions…

‘If’ and ‘but’ are two of the most used words by Satan in his attempt build strongholds in our mind and keep us away from our freely given forgiveness through Christ..

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