The Fashion of Christ

I am one of those people who pay minimal attention to fashion, it’s not that I don’t like to look cool, because I do (I don’t think anyone wants to look bad) it’s just that it requires a lot of work.

Keeping up with the trends can be quite tricky and there is a tendency for one to get so sucked into thinking that they actually are/belong in the lime light. Sadly this isn’t true for majority of the fashion centric folk out there.

I also think it’s not a very sustainable lifestyle unless you are one of those people whose lifestyle places them in the eye of the public, that being said there has to be a certain age that one gets to and decides that s/he doesn’t have to keep up to date with the latest fashion trends. I could be wrong of course 40 is the new 30 after all, maybe that age has been pushed back so far that we pass on before reaching such an age of realization.. Maybe

So I am sat here thinking, “Does God our maker have a sense of fashion?  -Does stuff like that really matter to him-, -what was Jesus take on fashion-, -what type of stuff did he wear, was it the latest fabric, cut, colour etc.”.

Jesus was without worry. One of his few references to clothing highlights this, Check out Matthew 6:25-34. The message from this passage suggests that what you wear on the outside (your appearance) is not of huge significance in other words don’t worry about what the world say on fashion.

There is nothing wrong with going the extra mile to look trendy, but when going that mile gets undeserved significance, it becomes something else, a means for the enemy to carry out his manipulation through you and to you.

I may not be certain about Jesus’s sense of fashion with regards to what he wore and all but I am led to believe that Jesus’s sense of fashion isn’t about how we cloth our body, but how we cloth our heart

Is it clothed in patience, is it made of fabrics of kindness without envious threads, does it have a boastful and proud embroidery, do the garments dishonour yourself and or others, are the colour combinations self-seeking, do the prints or patterns easily anger, does your watch keep record of wrong doing, do your boots stamp out evil as it rejoices with truth, is your scarf ready to protect, does it inspire trust and hope, will it persevere against the cold world.

I suppose the real question here is, is your heart fashioned and styled in Love.  That is the real fashion, the fashion of the spirit and not of the flesh, the Fashion of Christ.

This is the fashion sense we must all strive for, it’s the fashion sense that can never go out of style because the inspiration for this fashion is constant and unchanging.

As we focus on the real fashion of Christ, you begin to observe that the worldly fashion becomes less and less of a concern as it gets more personalized and easier.


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