So it’s been sometime since I posted on my blog, I guess the distractions of 2015 have been much? Nah not really. Yeah the workload is more but perhaps there is more to scripting hiatus than workload.

I generally tend to write when I am in an agreeable mode with myself. This mode has to be inflicted on myself by myself, and truth be told I haven’t quite been in that mode this year until a couple of days ago.

You see I entered 2015 with some degree of fear and uncertainty about a certain aspect of my life and this fear held me hostage. I was afraid of losing something, but a couple of days ago I realised that it’s not even mine to lose, its God given and He can decide to take it depending on his agenda. All I know is that whatever happens, win or lose; it will all work out for my good. Romans 8;28.

When you get to this point of realization, you begin to understand that it’s actually not about the thing you hold so dear, it is actually about Gods agenda through you. My advice to anyone scared of losing something is to use every experience with that thing that you fear losing as a learning process for your life, keep learning and keep growing.  Spiritual growth is tested when you go through tough times and if you fail the test, don’t fail to get the lesson, because God is actually more concerned with your character development than any other thing., The end game of the character development program called life is to become like Jesus Christ.

Happiness comes from outer circumstances that’s why it is understandable to feel sad at the thought of losing something you value, but joy comes from within when you focus on Gods plan for you, the mere fact that you are an instrument of the creator of the world is joyous enough and should comfort you. As long as you love God, everything that happens to you is for your good.

You know the saying, what doesn’t kill you make you stronger, I think there is a missing piece to that statement, Allow me a explain

If your boss at work looks at a report you did and is dissatisfied with it and an attempt to verbalize his dissatisfaction he says some really nasty things to you, here are the possible outcomes

  • You beat yourself up keep producing poor results
  • You take the criticism and try to prevent it from occurring by either resigning or producing better reports.

The question here is,  how do the above possible outcomes make you stronger?

In outcome one, your certainly are not stronger, you have not learnt anything you remain the same person with the same report standard, each time you get scolded, if your reaction is to retreat into a shell made of malice and discontent you are actually doing the opposite of growing .

With outcome two, each time you get shouted out, you go back work on your report and make it better (you grow). Each time you improve you keep growing, until you arrive at a point where your boss is happy with your work, most of the time, with each improved report the criticism reduces until it disappears and that is what growing really is.

Of course you can take the option of resigning and most do, which is cool, lol, but eventually you are going to have to produce a standard report and you would wish you had gone through the learning process earlier.. It’s like a 21 year old going back to secondary school, I am sure it does happen with great success stories, but at what expense.. Guess that’s a question we must all ponder.

Anyways the point I am trying to make here is this. Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger ONLY if you consciously decide to learn from it, to learn is to GROW.

So how do you Learn or Grow spiritually

Growth By  truth: Slow down boys and girls! Not your, I told you type of truth. I am talking about the real truth that comes from reading, referencing and remembering the word of God. i.e. the Bible. This is like a beginner course in Growtology, kind of like growth 101, the growthagarden. You get the idea.

The bible provides you with a quick and easy guide on what it means to really grow and it actually prescribes the steps on how you should handle certain situations with the idea of spiritual growth in mind, just check out the Gospels. That being said, it’s not enough to just read it once or twice or trice.. you actually have to put into practice what you read and that’s where the hard work starts, most of the times we find ourselves in compromising situations, we get so worked up that the bible verses don’t seem to come to our mind, we get so caught up in emotions and logic all in an attempt to cater to our selfishness. When it’s all been said  and done, we then remember, oh snap, that wasn’t very Jesus like, it happens more times than none and this is mark of some form of spiritual immaturity, but hey, it’s all good, God knows why he let that exposing and compromising situation occur, He wants you to realise that you got it wrong and go back and learn, if you are a Christian you will keep learning and going back to the Word, because it’s the right thing to do and without that you won’t be able to grow spiritually.. so don’t feel defeated, rather feel motivated. Keep going until you get it right.. in the scheme of things feelings may get hurt, egos bruised, emotions whatevered lol.. but the truth is that, Christ considers  your character development more important than feelings. ..  and  by you hurting the other party, that may actually be their own lesson in their own spiritual growth process.. I am not giving any one license to hurt status.. Just keep it real.. hurters and hurtees and try to function within the confines of Love.

Growth By troubles: This is like the next level of the Growth process, growth 102. Here are a few things to remember,

  • God has a purpose behind every problem
  • God allows everything that is happening to you because he wants to use it for your good
  • Everything that happens to you has a spiritual significance
  • God’s purpose is greater than our pain and hurt (ask Paul, I mean do you know what it means to be shipwrecked, like seriously ?)
  • Good uses problems to draw us closer to him

Here is the thing, God wants us to become like Christ, so if Christ faced problems, do you think for any moment that you wont ? we will experience the same things Jesus experienced, Loneliness, temptation, stress, criticism, rejection etc.

The troubles stage of the growth process is what enables you to put the truth you have heard into practice.. Think about that for a min. If everything is all rosy, then when do you get the chance to practice what you have learnt.  With each attempt you fall, you get up stronger, fall you get up stronger, and so and so forth with the word of God by your side, you will notice for yourself some form of improvement each time you get back up. But the thing is you have to WANT this improvement, it doesn’t just pop up on your spiritual maturity doorstep. If you keep going through the same problem over and over and over then it is clear that God isn’t satisfied with your level of maturity on that particular subject. The thing is trouble never starts in isolation, it requires the trouble maker and the trouble taker… regardless of which group you fall into,  both parties have to learn and grow, that is why both parties are going through the same trouble over and over.

Growth By temptations: Every temptation is an opportunity to do good, and every right decision you make while you are tempted counts towards your advancement in spiritual maturity, Temptation is the devils tool to destroy you, but God wants to use it to DEVELOP You.. The is the 3rd degree of the growth process… The development stage. Actually don’t look at the growth process as a linear progression, it is more on a cycle of life.. well cycle of spiritual life

satan tempts us with sinful desire or by using a legitimate normal desire in a wrong way at the wrong time.. the latter is mostly the case.. because deep down your legitimate desire feels normal and you don’t see it as temptation, it is after you have given in and the results of reactions become manifested in your reality that you realise.. ‘oh wow, I messed up’.. The great thing is that God knows we will go through temptation, even Jesus went through temptation, but he overcame because He was spiritually mature.. (hmmmm I wonder if Jesus was tempted as a younger person or kid, I wonder what he reaction was).. The trick is to see temptation as a stepping stone to growth rather than an obstacle and this visulation should inspire you make the right decision when tempted

We must also remember that temptation starts from within our heat and not our surroundings, you can never blame anyone for tempting you.. yes they presented the situation but you had the desire internally. If you did not have the desire, you would not have responded to the temptation.. Desires most of the times are indicative of our emotions.. that is why you can’t let your emotions govern the things you do.. God’s word and his principles are designed for just that.. and it takes a great deal of maturity to not respond with your emotions, but rather Gods principles

yep it’s not a day’s job this growth process, just be patient with yourself and keep at it..

the Bible says that the fruits of the spirits are love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Fruits take time to ripen.. but rest assured that with Jesus in your heart you already have the seeds to a fruitful tree planted by the water side of grace to assist you as you grow up. God bless Yall


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