A God that is Love

Your magnitude is evident, everything belongs to You, yet You gave and give liberally, all that belongs to You We are like books arrayed and abiding in Your timeless library With our lives and choices interweaving to provide the parchment, where You inscribe into our souls with the ink of eternity You give us freewill […]

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Data Palaver in Nigeria

Working as an Analyst has its perks. You get first-hand view on all sorts of customer related data ranging from personal to transactional to even financial data. Yes, indeed one gets to view all manners of data and indirectly gets interesting views of humans, especially as economic beings who are not always very rational. Such data speak […]

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The Love Mix

In the context of marriage, opinions differ with regards to the loving mix between partners. For those of you who don’t know (which is a probably majority of you reading this post) The ‘Loving Mix’ is a phrase I coined. It attempts to come up with a measure/ratio/percentage or whatever of the love that is […]

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