A God that is Love

Your magnitude is evident, everything belongs to You, yet You gave and give liberally, all that belongs to You

We are like books arrayed and abiding in Your timeless library

With our lives and choices interweaving to provide the parchment, where You inscribe into our souls with the ink of eternity

You give us freewill because of the Love You have for us

You allow us be expressive as we debate right or wrong, a scuffle for completeness

You speak gently to our soul, a loud whisper aching to make us whole

You are aware of the intricate web and collision course that is our life

You have given us the torch of love that guides and empowers us to glide through all the strife

It all seems so straightforward; You have all these plans to prosper us

All we have to do is be aligned with Your purpose, obeying Your word and having faith that is zealous

But so often we get it wrong, it almost feels like getting it right is seldom viable

And within these themes of thought, we get caught up in the venomous mesh of guilt spewed by the enemy

But what does he have to offer, death and demise a recipe for damnation

Plunging us deeper via us into obscurity, with a deceitful sense of worldly satisfaction

God keep our minds from wondering the forest of guilt

Rather guide us to the path of conviction as we retrace our steps back to the haven of Love and light, the boundless metropolis that You built

When we go astray, You keep Your love burning in hope that we may turn and look Your way

And when we refuse to recognize, You light still follows us with a gentle guise, easily ignored but evident the moment we open our eyes and realize

That Nothing can separate us from Your Love

No matter how hard we fail and fall, Your Love for us inspires our faith and hopes of rising up tall

Thank You for Your Love, thank You for Your Holy spirit and its convictions that confines us to live freely in Christ

Thank you for choosing to forget and forgive our sins and shortcomings

Give us the grace to always remember to turn to Your loving warm embrace

Thank you God


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