What can I get you that gets you?

Sitting still I speculate silently

Every thought seems insufficient or lacking

Not enough to satisfy my thirst to satisfy

Not enough to satisfy like you satisfy

A glance into your eyes

Through the eyes of my mind

I am retold of all your virtues

An anecdote of stirring virtuoso

Saliently setting sails of satisfaction

Across the streams of spousal

It’s a torrent of getting and not forgetting

You getting me and me getting you

And both of us not forgetting each other

But still I ask, what can I get you that gets you

If I could I would give you everything

And I still won’t know what to get you that gets you

For everything is nothing but anything

So I am back to the conundrum

But this time my thoughts create a tingling vibration

Vectoring towards a victory of revelation

I will get you what you got me

Not a shirt, shoe or perfume

Something that is ever new

A superior attitude to my former self

Conspicuously towards loving you


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