Writer’s Block !

On the streets of inspiration, there is a stumbling stone that stops pedestrians as the pedal along

Undetectable but predictable in nature, it varies in shape and size adjusting accordingly to the dexterity of its victim

Makes you stop and wonder in a wandering way, will you ever see the light of imagination

How long will I lie, bruised by this block of vacuum reminiscent of a lack of knack and appetite

Where is that  inner cascade of elixir that inspires the whispers that tickles the mind

I share a momentary timeless-bound room with some extraordinary scripters so it’s not all gloom

Their rich and reached history leaves me with a feeling of optimistic histrionic

Hopefully I will live this state soon with rediscovered rigor and vigour, grateful and grace as I get up and keep stroking the parchments of destiny

I will most likely stumble on writers block from time to time but the company of fellow fellows will make it subconsciously worth it, for that reason I subliminally look forward to it


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