D UP!!!

You know the saying ‘Attack is the best form of Defense’? It’s a great motto, but you know what motto is even greater ‘Attack wins you a games, Defence wins you Championships’

Let’s talk spiritual for a minute and examine these sayings.

If you want to grow in any aspect of your life (spiritual and physical) you will face obstacles. The Bible instructs us to put on the amour of God and face these challenges, but what strategy should you adopt? Attack or defence

1 Peter 5:8(KJV) uses the words roaring lion to describe our enemy’s demeanour, it uses the phrase walketh about, seeking whom he may devour to describe his strategy. This suggests that our enemy is always on the attack, a massive emphasis on the word always.

As much as I like to belong to the ‘Attack is the best form of Defence’ school of thought, I don’t think it applies on the battlefield of spiritual warfare. You see while we have other things to focus on in trying to find and fulfil Gods plan for our lives, the enemy has one sole purpose and that is to destroy you. The enemy has no defence its all-out attack; unfortunately we can’t win the battle if we rely on our attack alone because while we have other things to focus on satan doesn’t.

As believers we do a great job in trying to live an exemplary life like Christ recommended, yet we find ourselves in some type of jam and we wonder why and sometimes we cry and eventually look up to the sky. After all the wondering we eventually turn to God and ask him to give us the strength to bear and all of a sudden we get a renewed power to tackle the current jam, all of a sudden it doesn’t hurt anymore as you begin to abide in the Word. You begin to attack the issue with the Word and before you know it the problem is solved, then you go back to being happy again, slowly you stop abiding in the Word as much as you did when you were in the jam. Eventually a new jam resurfaces and it’s the same cycle again.

To summarise you got attacked, you caved a bit and then you fought back and reclaimed territory but then you lost it again. The thing is you don’t want to have to keep fighting back you want to be able to defend the attack before it even gets close to you, this is the only sustainable approach. Sir Alex Ferguson Said “Attack wins you games but defence wins you Titles/championships” we are after the championship here.

We have to fortify/defend our house before the attack.  We do this by being watchful, as it says in Peter 5:8 we need to hot the spiritual gym and develop muscle memory type reflexes when it comes to using the Word to defend our mind when the enemy attacks.

If we keep waiting for our territories to be taken and then relying on our attack to recapture them back, we will end up recapturing a land that may have been compromised to some extent as a result of several sieges, yes you will win it back but at what expense? Perhaps you’re Championship? Let’s play some hard core defence guys and bring home that trophy home

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