Seeking Intimacy

Life is a sequence of challenges; sometimes it feels like a massive experiment that has handpicked you to be the test case of a series of theories. What is rather peculiar is that your life is the basis of the theories that you are trying to reject or trying to fail to reject. ***Scientifically speaking you don’t accept a theory, you either reject it or fail to reject it*** 🙂

If you are believer like me (and you should be, a believer that is, not necessarily like me) from time to time you will ask God for signs and hints about which side of these theories you should belong to, if you are like me, most of the times you will get answers that leave you fully energised and dedicated to rejecting or failing to reject a theory based on your God given bias

This is all well and good but what happens when reality sets in and you begin to wonder “Are all these signs from God are just an inner desire for your hypothesis to be validated?”  What do you do then? Did I hear someone say faith? (Well Hallelujah brother or sister) but surely faith has to be caramelised with a sense of practicality… I mean you can have all the faith in the world but if you jump off a 20 feet cliff faith won’t save you!  Maybe faith needs a new definition. In my Catechism class, I was taught that faith is a supernatural gift from God that enables us to believe without doubting whatever God has revealed… I think the important message to take away from this is that God must have revealed it for you to act on anything with faith. We must also understand that our desires and what God has revealed are two different things and they must not be confused to mean the same thing, which I suspect is what a lot of believers do (myself especially)

So the question then becomes how can you tell what God has revealed?  How can you get closer to God to get His gist on your life and His take on the entire theories that life throws your way?  The answer we come up with is intimacy with God, this isn’t wrong; The Bible is loaded with prophets and people who dedicated their lives to being intimate with God. Intimacy with God prepares you for service; it makes you more effective in facing life’s challenges. Perhaps this is the difference between the people in the bible and modern day Christians, We have  a higher tendency to get so overly focused on intimacy with God that we forget that we are actually meant to use and apply what we learn from being intimate with Him to help our situations and others, we become intimacy seekers and we’ll do whatever it takes to get to the highest level of intimacy with God because we believe that when we get there, we will know the answers to all our problems and how to handle every sticky situation in our life, obviously this is seldom the case and there is a tendency to find ourselves a bit detached from reality as the quest for vainglorious intimacy slowly becomes a narcissistic quest for comfort and pampering from God.

Intimacy is like a well, and the rope you use to lower yourself is a measure of your relational experiences.  Sometimes we crave the depths of this well so much so that we forget that it is actually God that gives us the rope to go deeper, you can’t just dive into the well, you have to wait for him to lower the rope.

I think the best approach is just to live, go with the flow (within the confines of a Christian life obviously, this isn’t a do-whatever-you-want license) and watch out for opportunities to lengthen your rope. I may be wrong but my take is this, if God desires to be intimate with you or  to speak to you or give you any message you will get that message he is God after all and he Loves us more than we can ever love Him so his need for intimacy with you far outweighs yours, I think most believers know this, the difference is that we see things within a finite time set, whereas God sees it from an eternity point of view, that is to say that a lot of us want to reach the highest intimacy levels with God right now. We must consider that sometimes God does not actually want you to reach that level you crave for at that particular point in time. With spirituality and spiritual growth it is important that we function with God’s clock.  We will get there when He wants us to get there not when we want to get there.

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