My Righteous Rap !

Maan!! I just want to be righteous

I want it so bad, that’s why I fight so hard

Trying to stay on course but the path is so hard

Distractions everywhere you can smell it in the air

Like strong cologne the opacity is so near

I try to hide my probable demise with the guise that sleep provides

But even in slumber it still feels like sin has my number

Tossing and turning contemplating the practicality of running

I feel like an undercover agent that is in too deep

Trying to tiptoe over turpitude, but it seems like sin has constant latitude with varying longitudes, the leap is too steep

Everyone has their race everyone has their pace, but it feels like mine is slower and tougher

Perhaps it’s the arrogance of my strides that blinds me from seeing I have come so far

Lord you know I am grateful, it wasn’t easy but you were grace full

Providing me with the much needed needful

But I need so much more; I am tired of the sores from falling

I am afraid the sores are slowly becoming bores my engines are numbing

Getting so used to repentance without ample penance

Grace is beginning to feel uneasily easy

Why can’t I be righteous every single day?

Why can’t I defeat sin once and for all like your Son did on that day?

Why can’t I be righteous like Jesus was, a man without sin

I want that more than everything this sinful world has within

You blessed me with a mind that processes every detail

Bless me with a spiritual awareness that confines me in the multifaceted realm of righteousness

Chain and train my spirit man to be one with your Spirit

This is a slavery I relish to chase

This is a life sentence I want to embrace

You have paid my price with your sacrifice

Let your righteous will for my life suffice


4 thoughts on “My Righteous Rap !

  1. Surrender to Jesus and let Him take you along. do not struggle to be righteous. He struggled for both of you. Tell Him just how you feel and what you want and let Him take you to that land of peace. shalom.


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