Satisfy me

Inspired by a mysterious hunger

You satisfy me intensely to my core

I used to ache from an unknown famishing

But not now I starve no more

My weakness is fast draining

Leaving behind residues of oblivious designs

Complimentary and critical

For reciprocal refine

Fulfilment is what you promise

And your word comes to pass

Your bread makes me flourish

My hunger is a thing of the past

Like a mother setting food at the table

You are satisfied in our satisfaction

With no guarantees that we will share your fascination

Words can’t describe your heavenly dispensation

You’re so warm and cool

It’s no wonder you have such a compelling pull

Enigmatically Magnetic

You can energize any room

You got that godly kinetic

Rooted in pious upbringing

Your charisma convinces any sceptic

With tongues so tranquil

Reminiscent of angels singing

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