Looking for Gods Voice

All believers at some point in their lives have been anxious, anxious about their lives, anxious about their destiny, anxious about their jobs anxious about their family etc.

In an endeavor to deal with this anxiety, we have perhaps all come to the same conclusion. “Let’s seek Gods voice”. This conclusion, as innocent as it may seem has inspired a lot of antagonistic actions from Christians.

In seeking God’s voice we start living a type of conditioned Christianity that appears deep in our conscious but is actually a shallow in reality. We start doing things simply because we want to hear from God. There is absolutely nothing wrong in wanting to hear from God, I mean if you truly love someone it’s ok to want to hear from them and sometimes as humans we will even go out of our way to make sure we hear from that person.

That being said why do we really want to hear from God?

For most of us, we want God to speak to us so badly so He can tell us His plans for us, ‘where will I work’, ‘will I be rich’, ‘am in the right job’. For most of us, this need to hear from God is inspired by selfish ‘I want to be great thoughts’. When these thoughts are the subliminal reason behind us wanting to hear from God then we have missed the whole plot.

We owe it to our souls to regain our spiritual consciousness of what a true relationship with God should really be about. We do this by consciously searching our subconscious and our consciences each time we become desperate to hear from God. We can even ask God to help us do so like David did

Psalm 139:23-24

Search me, O God, and know my heart test me and know my anxious thoughts.

Point out anything in me that offends you, and lead me along the path of everlasting life.

All the great men in the bible e.g. Abraham, Noah, David etc. achieved greatness not because they heard from God or because they sought after hearing Gods voice, they achieved greatness as a result of FAITH.

Yes, they had faith in what God said to them, but before God trusted them enough to reveal His word to them they did something, David was a man after Gods heart while Abraham and Noah were just and righteous men. The point is this, they appealed to God because of whom they were, that is why God revealed His Word to them. They were men who kept the word of God and lived by it in truth. That was the objective of their life before God ever spoke to them.  They did not keep the Word of God because they wanted or needed to “hear from God” they did it because it was their way of life.

I can understand why we get restless when we don’t hear from God particularly on an issue we have prayed or even fasted about.  The truth is that we need to focus on cultivating a way of life similar to that of Noah, David and Abraham before God told them how great they would be. We should not cultivate this lifestyle simply because we want to hear from God and have Him tell us what to do in our lives. We should do it out of love for Him as a result of His perfect Love for us.

I am confident that if we focus on loving God and keeping his word, without having an ulterior motive other than our love for him at the back of our minds, we will by default be aligned with His Will and even if that means not being great or successful by worldly standards, we would have peace in our hearts because we are doing the Will of the creator.

Peter and the Apostles in the New Testament had the same thing, Faith.

They didn’t really begin to fulfill their mission until after Pentecost when their faith was made stronger by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, but before their faith was made stronger they still kept the Word of God and lived their lives in accordance with the teachings of Christ. They didn’t live this way because they were wanting for Pentecost, Pentecost was going to happen regardless, (Christ had promised them that He would send His Spirit). They were simply living their lives the way Christ had showed them to out of Love for Him and faith in Him. This is what we as modern day disciples have to do. We must live a life of discipleship, that’s what our focus should be on. Greatness will take care of itself.

It’s ok to be anxious but we have to snap out of it ASAP and snap back into a Christ driven reality. Your anxiety should be a discipleship reminder. As a believer that’s your first and most important call of duty.


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