Its Okay to Let Go

It’s okay to let go

You have been holding on for so long

Been trying to be strong

But your heart has grown weak

After holding on for love’s sake every week

Its okay to let go.

Letting go in itself takes strength

It takes will power it takes long hours

Deliberating if it’s right or wrong

Deliberating if the lyrics have already been sung

Or if you have a role  to play in inking the parchment of  our attachment

Its okay to let go..

We all want what we want but we get what we get

Spit chew or swallow each action has its own dose of sorrow

But its okay each also has its own lessons of valour

Along with memories we will cherish and honour

Its okay to let go

Let go dearest friend turned semi foe

Let go with arms stretched out

Still reaching to hold on

Even if your heart is worn out

Its okay to let go.

For as one falls into uncertainty

Our destiny in life takes a painful but necessary step towards clarity.


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