Magic Love

Dear Love

I feel your scorn

My tears are a testament to your burn

Each drop saying something

Each drop carrying memories

It’s odd

How you can disappear and still be here

My heart is fragmented but clear

Trying to piece the puzzle of how we got here

You were meant to be patient and kind

Instead your sting is impulsive and blind

Carrying venom that slowly but surely

Permeates the entire body

From the head to the heart

Now I can’t breathe

I am stuck with these infrequent panic attacks

Sometimes they come and they go

Other times they come and they stay

I wonder how and why you could make me feel this way

You once made me feel warm and lovely

Now I feel cold and clumsy

Uncertain about a few things

But sure about a lot of things

I am happy I felt you

I am happy I held you

Sometimes you felt like magic

But I knew you were for real

Regardless of the hurt I feel now

The truth is you still have me going wow

It hurts so much but that just proves I loved so much

The pain makes it real and in time we will heal

Just like magic …..


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