Proving God’s Love

“How do you know that God loves you?”

This is a question that most people would have asked themselves at some point in their life.

Interestingly, I was asked this question by a young atheist lady and I found the whole experience rather surreal. I had never met a female atheist before (apparently they exist). So maybe she wasn’t an atheist, I mean she believed in the possibility of a Supreme Being and all, but her question to me was, ‘How can you prove this being loves you?’  My immediate response to her was, ‘How can you prove your biological father loves you.’

For believers, we have probably come up with different answers each time we ask ourselves this question. I believe that the answers we come up with are a reflection of who we are and/or the current situation we find ourselves in.

Some people say I know God loves me because He gave me life, He gave me a great job, He gave me a great family etc. Most of the answers draw inspiration from John 3:16.

The natural thing about humanity is that we are a bit guilty of watering down God’s idea of love to our own basic levels of materiality (i.e. what we can get) and a lot of times it is so easy to overly get caught up in John 3:16’s reference to love and giving. Unfortunately this way of thinking is not only detrimental to you as an individual but also to the entire Christendom. Imagine a world where proof of love is based solely on giving and how much you give or receive. Now imagine that such a world were perceived to be ushered in by believers.

Personally, I believe what John 3:16 actually tells us is the measure of how much love God has for us; it is more of a measure of His love than proof of it. Hence the “for God so” (emphasis on the SO part)!

So how can we prove God’s love for us?  What if an atheist or agnostic asked you this question how would you respond?

It’s a bit Ironic, the Bible says God is love, so can we really question God’s love if love itself is His identity.

I mean I can tell you all the wonderful things that Jesus Christ did for us, dying on the cross that we may have life; if that is not proof of love I don’t know what else is, or how about freewill? The fact that we were not made robotic in our thinking or living, surely this is a proof of love. What of the guidelines on how to live that God gave us? These guidelines are gold and if followed surely lead to a fulfilled life of happiness and joy. – Isaiah 48:17

It is easy to mistake provision for proof of love and it would have been easy for me to simply say God providing for me proves he loves me but Hitler probably provided for his followers too.

At the end of the day it all boils down to faith really. The truth is I can’t empirically prove God’s love, but I walk in it, you can chose to do so too by faith. Perhaps this is the best answer to the how-can-you-prove-God-loves-you question.


Just like some of our biological fathers  🙂 🙂 🙂


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