A Taken ‘Good Thing’

We sit across from each other

Far apart, but close at heart

Smiles and giggles permeate

Calm and stable is our space

Wanting to reach out to touch

Yearning to tell you so much

I struggle and stumble in subtle

Each time the feelings get uncomfortable

How do I begin when you are halfway gone

Why did I wait so long

Disasters disguised as distractions

Kept me from discerning our dilemma

And here I am now, trying to start again – I be learner

Now you are taken, seemingly by force against your will

But you allowed yourself go, perhaps thinking you no longer had time to kill

Do I pull you back, is that fair

What sort of friend puts a good thing in a tight spot

I am conflicted at the same time sure

I need to let you find your way home

I am with you in Love

Telepathic but Real

I hope you can find it

I hope you can feel it

Just like I feel it

Even though you are Taken


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