I fell for her

A soft and gentle fall

A subtle and assured fall

One caused by fate

One I asked and waited for in faith

A fall into a secure and safe space

A fall that occurs each time I see her face

Radiant, warm and pretty

It’s no wonder I fell so quickly

Sweeping me of my feet with her poise

Falling has never been so much joy

I fell to the beat of her heart

A fall that was certain from the start

Dearest, I feel safely with you

Even if my fall is still fairly new

With each passing day your pull grows stronger as our paths intertwine

Creating a love inspired tapestry of you and I

I fell for her smile

I fell for her giggle

I fell for her beautiful mind

Refined and analytical

I fell for her lips

I fell for her hips

I fall for her charming voice every time she speaks

I am lucky to have fallen

Tripped by an angel

I want to keep falling

Falling for the same girl

I can’t wait to create memories with you

And fall to greater heights

Kindling a sweet cohesion for us two

For the rest of our days and nights

I am not quite sure what the future holds

More hugs and and sweet kisses?

Perhaps Mr and Mrs?

I do hope it’s one with you by my side

And many more Happy Valentine’s






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