Humsky !!!

Ok quickly


The objective is to make her realise she is fit and super pretty 


What can I say or do in a Jiffy 


Work on my mind is keeping me super busy


Maybe I can start with 

Did you know a jiffy is an actual measure of time?


It’s one hundredth of a second that’s how often the thought of you races through my mind 


I wish I could reach into your heart make you feel happy.


God knows your smile lights up my heart.. so I am sad when you are unhappy 


So please baby smile for me even though I know – “everything is not about me”


But here is the thing, everything about you is about me too.. am I not your bestie ? 


It pleases me to please you.. I can’t help but want to make you happy 


That being said I want to love you in every single way even when you are feeling crappy


So hang in there. This too shall pass. I am here for you baby


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