My names are… Hold on! If you are one of those people who talk like that – as in “my names are” you need to stop that right now!! It’s not cool, it’s not correct and makes you sound untaught – and you don’t want that.


My name is Chiwueze Odunze Jerome Ihebuzor.

Chiwueze = GOD is King

Odunze = The Royal Staff of the King

Jerome = my confirmation name, gotten from Saint Jerome, the guy who translated the gospels from Hebrew to Greek —- ask google

So if you take a close look at my names, the meanings are quite clear, but let me break down the Odunze part so you get who I really am.

What’s the function of a Royal staff: now traditionally the staff means what the King holds in his hands where ever he is. What does this tool do for the king.

It offers support

The staff leads, that is to say it goes ahead of the King (try walking with a staff and you’ll get what I mean)

It’s a means of identification

The staff when stamped on the ground enforces order

If the king is attacked his first reaction would be to use his staff to defend himself

I mean the functions are quite a lot – ask Google

I could go into the physical attributes of a kings staff – has to stand out, it has to embody authority at a glance, it has to be hard so the king can use it to lead and also smack people upside their head when necessary, but it also has to be soft – soft to caress the kings hand when he grips it..


I feel GOD intended and has been grooming me through my experiences to become a staff for him here on earth, I mean I am nowhere near the finished product but this moment of realization of what I am actually here for has inspired me to blog. I ask GOD to give me the strength of the rising sun, to give me the truths of the words unsung


You may also ask why I was given this name. Well I was born when my Late Grand Father, the Great chief Dominic Ihebuzor was made a chief. I was seen as a sign/blessing, I am a Sign and Blessing of GOD.



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