A feeling of ease and release A feeling that is light hearted never heavy A feeling that is assured and steady Oh what a feeling, so strong and salient So positive so bright So obvious and contagious even at first sight Content with life’s content Ups or downs, smiles or frowns Proceeding with grins that […]

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Proving God’s Love

“How do you know that God loves you?” This is a question that most people would have asked themselves at some point in their life. Interestingly, I was asked this question by a young atheist lady and I found the whole experience rather surreal. I had never met a female atheist before (apparently they exist). […]

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Looking for Gods Voice

All believers at some point in their lives have been anxious, anxious about their lives, anxious about their destiny, anxious about their jobs anxious about their family etc. In an endeavor to deal with this anxiety, we have perhaps all come to the same conclusion. “Let’s seek Gods voice”. This conclusion, as innocent as it […]

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My Righteous Rap !

Maan!! I just want to be righteous I want it so bad, that’s why I fight so hard Trying to stay on course but the path is so hard Distractions everywhere you can smell it in the air Like strong cologne the opacity is so near I try to hide my probable demise with the […]

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A Yeasty Life!

When God gave the Israelite’s instructions for the Passover feast; He restricted them to eat only unleavened bread or bread without yeast for a given amount of time (Exodus 12:15). They were also instructed to remove all the leaven (yeast) from their homes. Every time I come across this scripture I wonder, what Gods beef […]

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Seeking Intimacy

Life is a sequence of challenges; sometimes it feels like a massive experiment that has handpicked you to be the test case of a series of theories. What is rather peculiar is that your life is the basis of the theories that you are trying to reject or trying to fail to reject. ***Scientifically speaking […]

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D UP!!!

You know the saying ‘Attack is the best form of Defense’? It’s a great motto, but you know what motto is even greater ‘Attack wins you a games, Defence wins you Championships’ Let’s talk spiritual for a minute and examine these sayings. If you want to grow in any aspect of your life (spiritual and […]

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