Humsky !!!

Ok quickly   The objective is to make her realise she is fit and super pretty    What can I say or do in a Jiffy    Work on my mind is keeping me super busy   Maybe I can start with  Did you know a jiffy is an actual measure of time?   It’s […]

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I fell for her A soft and gentle fall A subtle and assured fall One caused by fate One I asked and waited for in faith A fall into a secure and safe space A fall that occurs each time I see her face Radiant, warm and pretty It’s no wonder I fell so quickly […]

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A Taken ‘Good Thing’

We sit across from each other Far apart, but close at heart Smiles and giggles permeate Calm and stable is our space Wanting to reach out to touch Yearning to tell you so much I struggle and stumble in subtle Each time the feelings get uncomfortable How do I begin when you are halfway gone […]

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Re Post: Winter is Coming

You shall hear no Lions roar. When winter forces you to yield, No Stags shall graze upon the field. When winter creeps upon you from the shadows, No Roses shall bloom from the meadows. When winter wreaks havoc on the land, You can bet there’ll be no Snakes in the sand. When winter brings to […]

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Magic Love

Dear Love I feel your scorn My tears are a testament to your burn Each drop saying something Each drop carrying memories It’s odd How you can disappear and still be here My heart is fragmented but clear Trying to piece the puzzle of how we got here You were meant to be patient and […]

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Its Okay to Let Go

It’s okay to let go You have been holding on for so long Been trying to be strong But your heart has grown weak After holding on for love’s sake every week Its okay to let go. Letting go in itself takes strength It takes will power it takes long hours Deliberating if it’s right […]

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