My Righteous Rap !

Maan!! I just want to be righteous I want it so bad, that’s why I fight so hard Trying to stay on course but the path is so hard Distractions everywhere you can smell it in the air Like strong cologne the opacity is so near I try to hide my probable demise with the […]

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Can it ever stop, can it ever rot Will truth become untruth because of actions that are uncouth? It seems rather odd Forces that pulled together now pull apart Stretching and stressing, eventually there is a gap That is infrequently bridged momentarily by fleeing memories Where is truth in all this? Where does truth lie […]

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Writer’s Block !

On the streets of inspiration, there is a stumbling stone that stops pedestrians as the pedal along Undetectable but predictable in nature, it varies in shape and size adjusting accordingly to the dexterity of its victim Makes you stop and wonder in a wandering way, will you ever see the light of imagination How long […]

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What can I get you that gets you? Sitting still I speculate silently Every thought seems insufficient or lacking Not enough to satisfy my thirst to satisfy Not enough to satisfy like you satisfy A glance into your eyes Through the eyes of my mind I am retold of all your virtues An anecdote of […]

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A God that is Love

Your magnitude is evident, everything belongs to You, yet You gave and give liberally, all that belongs to You We are like books arrayed and abiding in Your timeless library With our lives and choices interweaving to provide the parchment, where You inscribe into our souls with the ink of eternity You give us freewill […]

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Brand New

Mint crispy air fills the atmosphere within this sphere Like burnt bread, the past is discarded as Toasts are prepared to usher in the New Year Clean slates, and new plates, the tools we need to feast to this new date A chance to start afresh is the main course in this banquet Bless the […]

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Table for One

Can they pay the bill? No, not money, the currency is time and effort Necessities for balanced emotional meal Ideally a table for two But unfortunately, both parties never get a fair deal Cries over spilled milk eventually drive out the zeal Causing a rushed dinner, but wait There is still desert to be had […]

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